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Music Monday

Mondays are for elaborate hairpieces

Jenee Halstead – Raised by Wolves

Saint Motel – 1997 (via soundcloud)

Rec Center – No. 2

Teenage Sweater – Oceans and Seas (via bandcamp)

The Shrouded Strangers – (Don’t Look at the) Pink Lightning

Summer of Albarn, Dr Dee, operatic loveliness

via teh graun: Damon Albarn gets his Dr Dee out.

The record’s out now (and it’s lush), but the opera will be performed in London this summer by English National Opera. Apparently something cultural that’s going along with the big sports day?

Of course, Blur will be headlining the big shindig at Hyde Park (where have I heard that before?), which will surely be awesome. Oh yes.

Calvin Harris feat. Ne-Yo – ‘Let’s Go’
YouTube Preview Image

Expect to see this in every sports gear and Olympic Games commercial for the next two years. Way to go Calvin. Way to fucking nail it on the head blatantly writing a song perfect for advertisers that is actually really great- I don’t know if that makes me want to slap you or give you a high five.

Music Monday

Mondays are for exclusives…

First, a premiere from Boston band The Lights Out. About the song by drummer and singer Jesse James: “This song is about an experience I had with a bully growing up. Every day he’d pick on me during the same walk from one class to the another, and one day I just snapped and punched him in the face with all of my little 7th grade might. I saw the welt on his eye the next day and he never picked on me again. That was the day I learned that sometimes there’s only one way to handle a bully. When I came up with the chorus lyrics I was picturing the kid standing over the laid out body of his foe. His stutter, once the cause of his torment, has now become his battle cry.”

Sweet. The Lights Out – ‘Didja Hear Me Stutter’
YouTube Preview Image

Hands and Knees – ‘Dreamt’

Little,Big – ‘Best Death Party’

Dubious Ranger – ‘The Mayor’

YouTube Preview Image

Music Monday

Mondays are for saying it

YouTube Preview Image

Paris – Say it

Shake the Baron – Crazy Align

Night Noise Team – Blue Light (via soundcloud)

Old Bricks – Anthem

Little, Big – Wasted

Dante Elephante – Heartbeat (via soundcloud)

Music Monday

Mondays are for remembering the good times. xo

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Gill Scott Heron – ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’ (Mighty Mouse Re Work)

Cub Scouts – ‘Do you hear’

Kyle Adem – ‘Brother, follow’

Brigg Fair – ‘You Know Who You Are’

Sam Densmore – ‘She’s Going to Want You’

Music Monday

Mondays are for getting colourful

The Spring Standards – Only Skin

Orpheum Bell – Whatever shines so bright

Michael J. Epstein’s Memorial Library – Faith in Free Pt 1

La Sera – Break my heart

Mondays are also for deep sea diving

Jürgen Müller – Science of the Sea (bandcamp full album stream/purchase)

Music Monday

Mondays are for queuing in the dark.

King of Prussia – Your Graduating Hours

Morning Bell – Hats Off to you, Josephine Baker

Anabot – I am not afraid of the dark

Tyburn Saints – Broken Bottles

Unicycle Loves You – Garbage Dump

Music Monday

Mondays are for seeing the woods and the trees

Cowgill – Plans (via bandcamp)

Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s – Shannon (via soundcloud)

Safe Barracks – Raise Your Sights (via soundcloud)

Dylan Connor – Lynchburg Lemonade (via bandcamp)

Partly Faithful – Partly Faithful (via soundcloud)

Music Monday

Mondays are for feeling free.

YouTube Preview Image

Wrinkle Neck Mules – ‘Leaving Chattanooga’

Schwervon! – ‘Cougar Pride’

YouTube Preview Image

Cadence Weapon – ‘Loft Party’

YouTube Preview Image

Juston Stens – ‘When Fire Burns Out’

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