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The Automatic @ Pianos: Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

Wow, just wow. Welsh foursome, The Automatic stormed into Pianos last night for a rousing 45-minute set. I left with my mouth agape and in a total state of shock. This show was hands down one of the most energetic gigs I’ve ever been a part of.

It’s an especially difficult task to attempt to describe The Automatic’s sound to unheard ears. On record, the band can easily be compared to Maximo Park or Kaiser Chiefs. However, their live show is an entirely different story.

Try to imagine what would happen if Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten fronted a band of outlaws that were just as equally influenced by Thursday as they were early Prodigy. Synth/percussion/vocal mastermind, Pennie, is a sort of wee-sized caged animal, combining his fidgety keyboard fiddling with the most intense punk roars I’ve heard since At The Drive-In. Throughout the gig, he will run directly into the crowd, shove any and all fans in his way, steal your camera (evidence a few pictures below), dangle and shout from pipes/speaker tops/chairs, and demand dancing all while blowing the fuses in his keyboard and engaging in the best microphone twirling I’ve ever been witness to.

The energy that The Automatic bring to their live show is undeniably infectious. Even the most taciturn of attendees were busting a move (except the guy in the blue jacket above, seriously, I think he was the only one not in a frenzied state), pushing and being pushed, and shielding their faces from the falling mike stands! As the band ran through their UK singles, ‘Raoul’ and ‘Monster’, as well as their own unique take on Talking Heads’ ‘Life During Wartime’, the cheers only increased in volume.

Luckily for most Americans, the Brits will be back in The States this summer! Sadly for The Sluts, all of the scheduled dates (as part of The Warped Tour) fail to stop anywhere near NYC. Full list of shows can be found here on their MySpace page. Do yourself a gigantic favor and check out The AUTOMATIC!!

This show is worth traveling for, people! Oh and how could I forget the amazing Kanye West cover of ‘Gold Digger’ per fan request. Incredible!

What review would be complete without the setlist?

MP3: The Automatic – Raoul

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