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Pat Duffy, formerly of Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (RIP), checks in for us! To see Lightning Bolt playing in the daytime, on a stage, at a music festival is a bit of a mind fuck. For most of their career, the band has spent their live shows in the dark, performing in small-ish clubs, from the floor rather than the stage. Their fans are known to go nuts moshing and crowd surfing and on Sunday at Pitchfork there was little of that, and still watching the horrified Beach House fans fleeing the main area as soon as they started ripping into their set, put a smile on my face and on many others who were genuinely enjoying the psychotic sounds pounding through the PA. Despite the oppressive heat, Chippendale still donned his trademark mask to hammer home the crazy side of their music. Right from the get go he seemed like a man possessed pounding out beat after beat in times that shatter the mind. The other Brian, Brian Gibson, was steady as ever dripping out whacked bass lines run through more distortion than any other band could muster up. It’s a pair made in noise rock heaven, two dudes so dedicated to making a racket that it seems they started the band just to annoy the shit out of their neighbors. Good as the set was, it was still weird to see them performing the way they did. Being on stage was mind boggling but necessary, performing in the day was weird and getting stuck between Beach House and St. Vincent was truly out of left field. Maybe they would’ve been better off on the smaller stage but then they wouldn’t have had so many folks watching the insanity. SPTR: 8.8.

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MP3: Lightning Bolt – Colossus

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