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Regina Spektor: Live in London DVD

Put November 22nd in your diary as the date for Regina Spektor’s live CD and DVD, Live in London (although you’ll be able to preorder from October 14th at It’ll be available in DVD and blu-ray formats, so you can even watch in hi-def, if you like that kind of a thing.

Sadly, Spektor’s cellist and band leader Daniel Cho passed away during the summer; and the record will be dedicated to his memory.

Tracklisting after the jump…


** Indicates new recordings

1.    On The Radio
2.    Eet
3.    Folding Chair
4.    Sailor Song
5.    Blue Lips
6.    Après Moi
7.    Dance Anthem of the 80′s
8.    Silly Eye Color Generalizations **
9.    Bobbing For Apples **
10.    Wallet
11.    Ode To Divorce
12.    That Time
13.    The Calculation
14.    Machine
15.    Laughing With
16.    Man Of A Thousand Faces
17.    Hotel Song
18.    Us
19.    Fidelity
20.    Samson
21.    The Call
22.    Love You’re A Whore **

DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Video:

1.    Introduction (November Rain)
2.    On The Radio
3.    Eet
4.    Laughing With
5.    Folding Chair
6.    Après Moi
7.    Blue Lips
8.    Machine
9.    Dance Anthem of the 80′s
10.    Silly Eye-Color Generalizations
11.    Wallet
12.    The Calculation
13.    Man of a Thousand Faces
14.    That Time
15.    Hotel Song
16.    Sailor Song
17.    Us
18.    Fidelity
19.    Samson
20.    Credits

Bonus Material:

1.    Bobbing for Apples
2.    Ode to Divorce
3.    The Call
4.    Love, You’re a Whore
5.    Soundcheck
6.    To Daniel Cho

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