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Broken Records Know They’re Not Dead

A derelict chapel off the Old Kent Road seems to be an appropriate venue for this sixth 4AD session, featuring perennial TMS favourites Broken Records. As you’d expect, the video, directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, is all moody atmosphere, dark shades picked out with flashes of brightness (including the church’s stained glass windows), and it matches the prevailing tone of the group’s second record. Watch the  recording of “You Know You’re Not Dead” below, and find a link to the full session below.

The session is also being offered as a tie in to the 11th January US release of Broken Records’ 2nd LP Let Me Come Home (which has been out here in Europe since, gosh, ages ago. I think it just took that long for the ship to sail across the Atlantic).

4AD Session: Broken Records

1 A Leaving Song
2 A Darkness Rises Up
3 You Know You’re Not Dead
4 The Motorcycle Boy Reigns
5 Home

Back in October we both reviewed Let Me Come Home as well as talking to the band about the new LP (it’s also so good it made it into my picks of 2010).

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