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KT Tunstall’s got a Scarlet Tulip

Out now via her sandbag store on mp3 and available at her upcoming tour dates is KT’s latest, The Scarlet Tulip EP. From the sounds of the limited previews available on the store page, it sounds a little like Tunstall has moved a bit more towards her earlier, folkier sound (and away from the “nature techno” of Tiger Suit). It sounds like fun, and I have to say that I seem to be predisposed to like anything that can include a song titled “Shanty of the Whale”.

Only a short while ago I had a couple of wee pops at the idea of all the extra records and materials that artists seem to be putting out (and the pressures this puts on us wonderful fans to keep shelling out for them). I don’t mean to rag on Miss Tunstall – I think both Live in London and The Scarlet Tulip EP are both worthwhile ventures – but I like the manner in which artists such as KT are putting out EPs and the like via intermediaries that aren’t their traditional labels, etc. It’s a shame if record stores can’t get in on this action – but who can blame artists for using venues such as Sandbag and their tours to sell records as well?

CDs of The Scarlet Tulip EP will be available from 1st May, but can currently be pre-ordered for a price that has been encheapened by one of our UK pounds.

The Scarlet Tulip EP tracklisting:

1              The Punk

2              Skinny Lou

3              Hidden Heart

4              Scarlet Tulip

5              Patience

6              Alchemy

7              Shanty Of The Whale

KT Tunstall on tour:

01-May Ping Gu Music Valley Festival, Beijing, China

04-May Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA

05-May Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR

06-May The Venue, Vancouver, Canada

08-May Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA

09-May El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

11-May House of Blues, San Diego, CA

12-May House of Blues Anaheim, Anaheim, CA

13-May Book & Stage @ The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV

14-May Book & Stage @ The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, NV

08-Jul    Cactus Festival, Bruges, Belgium

09-Jul    Bospop Weert, Netherlands

10-Jul    T in the Park, Kinross, United Kingdom

15-Jul    Latitude Festival

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