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Review: SBTRKT, self titled

It’s okay if you don’t know who SBTRKT is yet. SBTRKT is mysterious. Just ask them. Also, they wear tribal masks (see? mysterious). If you were at Coachella you might have seen their daytime dj set. But mostly, let’s go ahead and assume that this is new to you. Some things about SBTRKT:

*from the UK
*some variation on dub-step
*signed to Young Turks (The XX, Glasser, Wavves, etc)
*live show features live drums, synth, and computers.
*seems to usually be between one and two dudes, always wearing tribal masks (again, mysterious).
*were recently remixed by Drake (which they cite as a sign of not only their relevance, but their
*superiority-in-relevance to Moby!! God, let this turn into a blog war, please?!)

SBTRKT’s new self-titled album, out on Young Turks, runs hot and cold, sometimes very good and sometimes easy to dismiss. High points are usually the aggressive, fun cuts like “Ready Set Loop” and the album’s standout “Wildfire (feat. Young Dragon)” which WAS remixed by Drake, UNLIKE MOBY. Well, Drake put one verse on it about HIS relevance, which is pretty meta, considering that it birthed SBTRKT’s relevance (right?).
When the tempo comes down, this record just sounds a lot like an undercooked, less-compelling version of the KING OF CURRENT ELECTRONIC RELEVANCE, James Blake. SO expect to jump tracks some, but for the most part, this is a really fun listen. Enjoy the mysterious relevance!

Recommended track: Wildfire (feat. Young Dragon)

MP3: ‘Wildfire’ – Drake remix


  1. June 5th, 2011 | 6:38 am

    So SBTRKT has a self-titled EP out? I’m confused, also because he has about 12 other EP’S and 15 singles out there. Please clarify this for me.

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