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Video: Bon Iver’s 4AD session

The ever-fabulous 4AD sessions come along with this from Bon Iver and Jagjaguwar; lushness. Stripped back, yes, but still lushness.

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Music Monday

Mondays are for holding onto your balloon.

Library Voices – Traveller’s Digest (Teen Daze remix) (via bandcamp) + original track

Matt Longo – Level-Headed Man (via bandcamp)

The Draymin – Heart Attack

Literature – Grifted

Churches – Feel Alright (via soundcloud)

You’re Somebody Even if Nobody Loves You

Just a reminder. We love you.

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Music Monday: We Love You, Whitney

Mondays are for remembering…

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Whitney Houston ‘How Will I Know’ remix by Hooked

Music Monday

Mondays are for existential angst

David’s Lyre – English Roses (via soundcloud)

Admiral Fallow – Delivered (alternative version) (via bandcamp)

Tough Troubles – Dogging (via bandcamp – plus free download of the Romances LP)

Coasts – Stay with me (via soundcloud)

Leland Sundries – Apparition (via soundcloud)

The Forty Nineteens – Turn It Around

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