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Music Monday

Mondays are for failing to see the woods for the trees

Le Butcherettes – Henry Don’t Got Love (stream debut LP Sin Sin Sin at bandcamp)

the nocturnes – the road (via bandcamp)

Mandolin Orange – Haste Make

Koko and the Sweetmeats – will we ever make it to the ocean? (via bandcamp)

Glass Fingers – Lose your Mind (via bandcamp)

Built Like Alaska – Antique Love

M+A – Liko Lene Lisa (signup required via widget)

Say Hello To… The Dead Man’s Waltz

Bias alert! These chaps are from Skye, and therefore I’m incapable of disliking them. This, of course, is made super easy by the fact that they’re awesome.

“Folk-noir”, they call it: “a litany of small-town crimes and dark romances that is fascinating and irresistible”. Whatever it is, the music of The Dead Man’s Waltz is dark and theatrical – evidenced by the moody, and not a wee bit deranged, video to the band’s first single, “Cry on Me”.

There’s a very Hebridean fatalism to The Dead Man’s Waltz – there’s no po-faced stoicism, but it’s the kind of attitude that considers a positive answer to the question “how are you?” to be “no’ too bad”. And The Dead Man’s Waltz are no’ too bad at all.

The Dead Man’s Waltz’s self-titled debut LP will be out on the 27th October, and can be preordered from their bandcamp page. Click through for a preview via the wonders of soundcloud.

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Music Monday

Mondays are for blocking the front door

Excuse Me Princess – Outdated

The Loom – For the Hooves That Gallop, And The Heels That March

Inspired and the Sleep – While We’re Young (via bandcamp)

Clubfeet – Last Words (C90s remix) (via soundcloud)

Russian Circles – Mladek

Video: Panico, “Algodon”

Hurrah! Panico return with a video for “Algodon”, a highlight track from one of my favourite LPs of 2010 (I had to work very hard not to title this post “Panico get on their bike”).

YouTube Preview Image

Shot by Ivan Navarro in Central Park Manhattan and in his Brooklyn studio in April 2010. This movie is part of a sculpture and movies series using electric energy generated by muscular force. A similar video is currently shown in the Baro Gallery in Sao Paulo.

Previously: Review: Panico, Kick

MP3: Panico, “Icon”

Video: Sparrow and the Workshop, “Old Habbits”

Lovely vid of S&tW performing “Old Habbits” in the Elba Studios Tracking Room in sunny Glasgow.

YouTube Preview Image

Click through for Euro tour dates!

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(Stevie Jackson can’t get no) preview

(I Can’t Get No) Preview by banchory

Well well well: if it isn’t a solo project from B&S mainstay, Stevie “Reverb” Jackson. Physical copies of (I Can’t Get No) are due out on 24th October, but the download is available now. And you can listen to these EXAMPLES via that soundcloud thing (no I’ve never heard of it either).

Skye’s instaverdict: ‘Man of God’ is kind of awesome lushness, ‘Try Me’ is… a bit bobbins. Sorry, Stevie.

The whole project’s been put together with B&S bandmates, as well as OTHER SCOTTISH PEOPLE. Bits of The New Pornos were involved too.

Click through for a tracklisting and some tour dates!

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Music Monday

Mondays are for crossing the line (and for using soundcloud, it seems).

YouTube Preview Image

Laki Mera  – Crater (Mogwai remix) (via soundcloud)

(video – Laki Mera – Fool)

Bel Adair – Happy to Pretend (via soundcloud)

Tyler Ramsey – The Valley Wind (via soundcloud)

Filigar – Knock Yourself Out (via soundcloud)

Southern Culture on the Skids – Zombified (via soundcloud)

Sound and the Urgency – Killing Communists with a Smile (via soundcloud)

Sparrow and the Workshop don’t trust anyone

Via Artrocker’s New Blood online, a free download of Sparrow and the Workshop’s “You Don’t Trust Anyone” from latest LP Spitting Daggers.

Sparrow and the Workshop – You Don’t Trust Anyone by ArtrockerTV

Obviously Spitting Daggers has been a bit of a fave around chez music slut recently, but New Blood online also has plenty of other goodies for giveaway, all with a bit of a reward for the bands concerned:

The bands that get the most downloads from you lovely lot each month will go onto perform an exclusive gig at our flagship store as well as having the opportunity to record an EP at the famous Premise Studios in London. Artrocker will, of course, be documenting all of this so you can live the whole experience for yourself.

As well as S&tW, this month selections come from Bad for Lazarus, Young Legionnaire, The Good Natured, The Soft Moon, Lanterns on the Lake, New Villager, Clock Opera, The Savage Nomads, and Little Green Cars. Head on over to New Blood to get downloading.

Artrocker: New Blood

Music Monday

Mondays are for getting the repairmen round.

Big Troubles – Sad Girls (via soundcloud)

Pterodactyl – Nerds

Kristoff Krane – Hunting for Father (free album, this week only, via bandcamp)

Silver Wren – Crystalline (Expensive Looks remix)

Girl in a Coma – Smart

The New Pornographers Turn Up in the Dark

It’s amazing what turns up in the dark email when you get home and finally have a chance to catch up with it: like this animated science-fiction-space-adventure from the New Pornos, continuing the run of terrific videos from Together.

YouTube Preview Image

An especially nice touch is the subtitles (with translation on the youtube page). Also, the NPs have a totally sweet spaceship to ride around in.

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