Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Story

Once upon a time, a brown-haired, hazel-eyed girl named Jen moved to Scotland in pursuit of something greater than her small life on Long Island. There she found Jamie, a Ph.D. classicist with sparkling blue eyes and a penchant for S Club 7. As their friendship grew, so did their foray into music geekery. Then one drunken summer’s eve, Jamie came up with an idea: they should bring their obsession to the world. They should start, A MUSIC BLOG and it shall be called, THE MUSIC SLUT because unlike other blogs, we wouldn’t be mired down with obscure indie snobbery, we would embrace our love of Kylie Minogue just as much as Sigur Ros.

As the pair stumbled to the local pub with their friends they discussed all that the site would be and all the music that they would inflict on the world. The pub was a local place. The kind of place where fights were not uncommon and the un-Scot was most unwelcome. The group that night consisted of two girls and five guys. Local over-the-top, middle-aged, drunk mother, Shazzy saw the odds in her favor. With the command of ‘Come on now, toots!’ the boys were one at a time dragged onto the dance-floor and with that, The Music Slut’s slogan was born.

Just The Two Of Us

Jen (JK) likes long walks on the beach, Queen, lemon sherbet, pints of ale, traveling anywhere and everywhere, painting, taking pictures, writing and cuddling. She’s clinically obsessed with Robbie Williams.

Jamie (Skye) is the worst kind of music snob. He’s always right.

Your Questions Answered

Do you accept music submissions?

We are always looking for new music to become obsessed with, so yes. We just ask that you not pester us, hunt us down or beg us to post about it. We have lives to lead, jobs to do and sometimes, your stuff may just not be our thing. In an effort to save bands money, and hopefully save some trees along the way, our preferred method of submission is digital. But we’re reasonable people so if you need our address just ask, we have addresses in America and the UK.

Because of the large amount of email we receive, we are unable to answer all submissions. And press reps, we generally will not send you a link to our post about your band- try Google Alerts!

If you are writing for an album review request, you must include the full album download in your initial email. We PROMISE we won’t share the link.

To submit new music, email: (this is where you want to send an email to be included in Music Monday, make sure and send us a direct link to an mp3 when possible- is great for this)
To submit a press release, email:
For general questions and queries, email:

Will you come to our show?

We are located in NYC and the south of England but have freelancers in LA, Knoxville and other locations around the world so the answer is: Maybe! Just let us know a good length ahead of time and if we’re interested, we’ll try and make it happen.

Are you for hire?

Depends on what you had in mind. If your mind includes the words “freelance,” “DJ” or “kick-ass event”, then yes. Jen is available in NYC and the surrounding area to DJ and produce events. We can also create custom playlists for any event, wedding, bar mitzvah, whatever. We’re down to party. Jen also writes about music not only here but for others and is a freelance travel writer.

Can I write for TMS?

Yes! We love to sending budding writers and photographer to concerts all over the world and are currently looking for more. So if you’re interested in free tickets and being published on a site Billboard Magazine called one of the top ten music blogs in the US, shoot us an email!


In addition to writing about music at an obsessive rate, The Music Slut is an event production and marketing agency. We produce memorable events that our readers dare not miss with cutting-edge entertainment that speaks clearly to the coveted young, trend-setting demographic. Our production capabilities, promotional services and strong relationships with other media outlets result in remarkably effective promotional brand campaigns. For all band bookings, events and sponsorship inquiries, email Jen.

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