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Stream Laura Marling’s A Creature I Don’t Know

The Guardian and the NYT are both streaming Laura Marling’s 3rd LP, A Creature I Don’t Know ahead of its release on the 12th (UK) / 13th (US).

I have to admit that although I really, really liked Alas I cannot Swim, I just for the life of me could not get into I Speak Because I Can, despite the fact that everyone else thought it was the dog’s bollocks. Maybe it was in spite of everyone else loving it and I’m just a contrary bastard, but I just felt like it was a whole bunch too precious. Still, I’m not one to force my opinion on anyone, especially when I’m clearly right.

Anyway, A Creature I Don’t Know seems quite the return to form (of things Skye likes), at least on first listen. Quoth me: “hurrah!”

The Guardian: A Creature I Don’t Know stream

New York Times: A Creature I Don’t Know stream

Also: the graun also has streams of all of the Mercury Prize nominations, which you can listen to here. Fingers crossed for Fife’s finest, the Kingiest of Kings, King Creosote!

The Guardian: We want your Mercury prize 2011 reviews

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